zoe bat website!!!

- this is where u can find my music! -

blood magic album cover, it's a big mess of jet set radio screenshots

blood magic

"nya makes me really happy and deathbringer is the best song i've ever heard" - my girlfriend

album cover of the capitalist death machine, it's yellow with a lot of scrapped together looking pictures

the capitalist death machine

"this turned out p funky, i guess" - me

album cover of bats, it's me laying on the floor next to a cat, u can only see my hair



album cover of unstable kitty, it shows a shop lit up at night in very low quality on a thing that looks a bit like a polaroid, under it it says unstable kitty. that's a picture i took of the screen while playing void bastards. not a screenshot tho felt more aesthetic that way

unstable kitty

void bastards is p good

the poisoned soda cover, it's a house made from blocks that i made in blender

poisoned soda

was really sad when i made this huh

ocean cover, it's a glitchy flushed emoji