fae is my girlfriend and is really perfect!!! like there has been no other person like faer in existence and its rlly nice! i’m gay! anyways look at faer website (very important) this site also has free cat pics!!! and fae makes really good twitch streams! what’s stopping you from taking a look! we also made a bunch of games together hehe

 armisael webring

this website is part of the armisael webring! bunch of fuckging dorks on there (they’re great)
hazel is in front of me and lulu is behind!


blankie is way better at websites then me! you should look at them! theres pastel.codes and pentagram.site


is cool and queer and also cats! what’s not to love! go look! this type of website also just makes me happy!


ezra and june barrow run the alphamethyl tilde and generally do v good and cool fuckery


fae runs a neat little blog and personal website with a nice aesthetic and interesting posts :)


xenia is a hacker witch who does cool things and posts about sharks very good